Money Saving

My boyfriend used to say I was crazy, doing everything I could to save money or get money back on the purchases we make daily. He thought that until he saw how much I actually saved or got back using the methods that I use. Now he’s a believer! I’m listing the apps and sites I use daily I hopes that you guys can save some money too.

My favorite $ saving apps

1. Fetch: I use fetch every single day! I’ve earned gift cards to Amazon, Walmart and even a visa gift card using this app. You can scan your every day receipts and earn points towards the gift cards. Now I know what you’re thinking that will take forever. IT DOESN’T!! If you scan all of your receipts whether you you think it will give you points or not. You will earn points quickly. Join now with my signup link and get 2000 points which is $2!!!

2. Ibotta: Ibotta requires a little more work than fetch but it does give good payouts if used correctly. Ibotta requires you to load the offers you want to redeem prior to scanning your receipt. They have tons of rebates on items you buy every single day. Why not get $3 back on an item you buy frequently? It’s literally free money! Use my link to get a bonus!
Just use my referral code “tlxbkon” at registration. Sign up at →

3. Shopkick: I just recently started using the shopkick app. So far I like it! You get what is called “kicks” when you walk into a store, scan items in the store or purchase certain items and scan your receipt. It is simple to use and it’s another good way to earn giftcards which is FREE money!!
Join shopkick now and you’ll earn 250 kicks using my code

4. Panel app: The panel app is a slow process but its super easy because you literally just download the app and it does all of the work. It keeps up with your location and then every now and then you can log in a take a 3-4 question survey to get points towards a gift card. You get points every day just for having the app on your phone.
Join now using my link and get free points!

Rakuten: I use this app when I am shopping online it is extremely easy and has a great cash back program. Right now anyone that uses my link gets $30 for joining! Sign up today!

DoorDash: You may be wondering why I’m putting doordash on here as a way to save money. Well with doordash you get food delivered quickly and have the option to refer people and they get free money towards their order as do I! I love doordash when I don’t feel like cooking or I’m running late getting home. I can order from my favorite restaurants and it can be there shortly after I get home! Plus during the pandemic doordash as been a date night life saver! Try it out today and get $10 off each of your first 3 orders!!

Grubhub: Same thing as with Doordash! I don’t really have one that I prefer just because both of them have different restaurants. We used Grubhub alot on vacation because traffic was so bad to get anywhere and Grubhub was more prominent there. Join today and get $10 off your first order!